Edcel Cabalan

EDCEL LA ROSA CABALAN, is a Dubai-based Filipino architect who specializes in aesthetic building design and technical evaluation. His artistry goes beyond the scope of architecture. He is also invested in photography and has been given several local and international recognitions in the photography society. Among his awards include International Photography Awards, Buildings (IPA-PH), Sultan Bin Zayed Photography Competition, The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers UK, Xposure International Competition, A Falcon's Shadow (Best of the Emirates), and many others. But just like the rest of us, the current pandemic has taken his life’s normal course including the flexibility to get creative in his ideal open field photography arena. Rather than cave to the confinement and leave artistry at rest, the momentary lazaretto unlocked doors to extend his craft beyond the realm of photography. From still imagery in pixels to brushstrokes- the transition to watercolour painting as his newfound creative outlet did not come as herculean as he thought it would. The technicality of the new artform might have been way far from photography, he stayed true to one of his basic principles in creating an art- that is always have to come from the heart and such is manifested in the release of free-flowing expression of artistic imagination and emotion in every stroke. The perception of having a seemingly perpetual time faints out the uneasiness and provided a safety net to carefully freeze the moments that are worth to keep- from scenic imageries, familiar affairs of everyday life, to remarkable elements of modern and Renaissance architecture. This pandemic might be a ruffian and while the isolation might be bleak- there is always a silver lining, a hope, and beauty that is sure to come out of it. When the wizard said that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light- he turned on one and he found this.